Scott started djing at the age of 18.  Instead of choosing one genre of EDM to focus on,  he decided to master them all.  From deep house to drum & bass,  Scott's dj sets combine tunes from every genre.  He plays them all, and he plays them well.  He once rocked a party so hard, he had them dancing on the celling.  The freekin' celling can you believe it!?   

  Currently based on Los Angeles, Scott got his start in Atlanta's underground dance scene.  A former break dancer, Scott quickly fell in love with the scene and has dedicated his life to finding the best music to listen and dance to.  Since relocating he has quickly made a name for himself on the west coast.  A few highlights include headlining Voyeur, San Diego's premiere venue for electronic music, and playing Intervention with Markus Schulz. Schulz was recently named America's #1 DJ by DjTimes.  

  Scott's sound is best described as electronic dance music for the future generation.  A true DJ, he takes the best of every genre, evaluates the situation, and blends it into a one of a kind style that no other Dj can replicate.  Scott is also represented by DJ4LIFE Agency and Talent marketing.  For all booking inquires please email